First Drafts is a way for me to document and — let’s be honest — motivate some projects I’m working on.  The impetus for this has been my thinking about a yearlong project where I’ll be studying teaching and learning in a range of contexts, both traditional and non-traditional.  I decided that I should establish this space so that I could document that project, at least while I’m trying to figure out how to write about it more formally.  Thus, the title, “First Drafts.”

Additionally, I think that my writing should be more accountable to a reader.  That is, I need the practice.  I’ve tried a bit to understand how to really learn the craft, but I think I’ve decided to take the advice of John McPhee, who says that “writing teaches writing.”  And although I value a journal or other anonymous places to put words on a page, I’m putting my name on this to keep myself honest and strive for a higher standard.  I don’t always know what that standard should be, but I’m interested in pursuing it.  Towards that end, I’m happy to contribute some personal essays and other odds and ends here that might not otherwise see the light of day. Some of these date back several years.

My day job is as a physics professor and science education scholar/professional/activist.  The truth is, it’s hard to really describe my profession, but there’s more information on my professional page.  You could try to piece it together, or you’re welcome to contact me for more information.