Often I’m doing a workshop for teachers or hosting a class and I realize that I should share some resources with people, and then I suggest that people should email me and I’ll send them a handout or a link or some other such thing. And then I think, “I really should have just put all that stuff on the web somewhere in the first place.” It’s taken me years, but this is my renewed effort to make some collection of such things.

In addition, when I teach an entire course in physical science, sometimes I get frustrated enough with finding the kind of reading assignment that I want for students that I decide to write my own piece. Especially as I try to reformat some courses, I’m collecting my own introductions and debriefings for topics in my own courses. I’ll compile those, slowly, here; and maybe eventually those will coalesce into some order and with some structure.

I’m open to ideas and inquiries. Let me know if there’s something else I can provide. Send me a note: ajohnston@weber.edu.


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