Science & Arts Integration

[I should work on this page some more to clean it up. For now, I’m just trying to make sure that I have some resources for Science and Arts integration piled up here. This was prompted by some work I did recently with San Juan School District.]

For follow-up conversations or other resources, please contact me:
Adam Johnston, Weber State University, 801.626.7711

Follow up resources to workshops/activities:

  • Making meaning: Words
    How do we construct and create ideas? How are there parallels in science and language?

  • Observation: Bubbles
    Where do observations come from and what do we make of them? How do we foster observation as both scientists and artists?

  • Movement and Space: Paper
    How does moving with paper give us a sense for nature, expression, design, engineering? What does the experience add?

  • Timing and Communication: Pendulums
    How do we keep track of and express time? Where are the complements of art and science in the analysis of a pendulum’s motion?

  • Conclusion and Debrief:
    Compare “engineering” with “choreographing.” How do arts and sciences parallel? Contrast? Where is integration appropriate, and how?