I’ve publicly stated that I’m in the midst of a series of essays about a recent trip. At last count, I had covered two of those five essays. And then I left again, giving me more material, and then there’s dance. I’ve seen a couple of our dancers wear a t-shirt that says, “I can’t, I have dance.” And I’ve come to fully understand what that means. It’s a really rewarding project, but it’s taken my mental focus. The writing will catch up later.

But, then, I am writing, just in another spot recently. Most recently I was inspired by our dancers recognizing their source, both the physical and the inspirational. So I wrote this piece about Stardust because, as I say:

There are a few distinct and specific teaching memories that I hold onto, images that are painted and hung in some exclusive gallery inside my head.  I added this canvas to the collection.

(Shameless self-citation. Sorry.)

I’ve also been writing about a piece of paper and trying to figure out how to provide a guide for this dance-science collaboration, and documenting a few prompts and lessons, with more to come.

I’ll catch up and describe coffee school, some professional learning, a museum from my childhood revisited, and then some trips into the desert. For now, I need to get ready to go on stage tonight.